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Teacher Training / Retreat Policies

By enrolling in any Program In School / Studio / Retreat all participants agree to the Policies mentioned .
Each participant has also acknowledged their understanding as a part of the Application & Registration Process.

Refund Policy

The Registration amount & the paid fees is non refundable. In any case during the course or before attending the course. Student can shift the date of joining in any upcoming dates within the Year. Student just has to inform by email.

Student Cancellation Policies

There is no charge for course cancellation. Students have to inform the school managemant through email. The registration amount paid will not be refundable although students can join any further date of the course.

Privacy & Online Class Policies

School & Partners holds the right to use the students details only for communication and send regular updates related to the various activites and courses. Students are not allowed to use any information or recordings without consent from the higher school authorites.
The classes will be done in live or recorded format. Students are not allowed to use or post any recorded video from the class on any platform without the permission from the higher School authorities. Doing so will be entitled for any legal action.

School Partners

Ishavasyam Yoga Schools is an integral part of Adi Yogpeeth Rishikesh. School holds the rights to run the programs with the partner name and at the same location.
Digital Cliffs is our Payment Partners.

Terms & Conditions

School & Partners holds the right to make any kind of changes in course related content or any needed changes. School will inform the students via email or any communictaion method. Students have follow all the related policies and guidelines provided to them.