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Be Ready To Become The Better Version Of Yourself!
At Ishavasyam Yoga School we help you to Dive Deep in your Innerself to Explore from
Body to Mind & Mind to Life.


Journey from Body to Mind , Mind to Life

At Ishavasyam Yoga School, we make sure to give you the best with our Yoga Teacher Training India courses. You will gain a better knowledge of yourself and understand the new version of yourself while noticing several positive changes within you with our offline and online courses in Rishikesh.
You will find a healthy and gleeful way of living at Ishavasyam Yoga School. Once you join our yoga teacher training course, you will feel and experience like never before. The motive which you carry while joining the course will surely be fulfilled at our yoga school in Rishikesh. Become a yoga teacher with our courses, available in both online and offline mode. We aim to train you in every form of yoga and induce the yoga essence within you which will help you in gaining yoga instructor certification. We conduct online classes for yoga for the students who are dedicated to yoga but are not able to come and practice it due to some circumstances.

200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training | Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training India

Join The Best To Be The Best


In the serene and spiritual location of Rishikesh, you will be glad to join the yoga certificate courses and yoga programs. Just a few minutes away from the pious river Ganga, we have our yoga school for all the yoga aspirants like you.

We conduct Yoga Teacher Training Courses including 200-hour yoga teacher training, 6 days pranayama and meditation class, online Kundalini course, and the best online yoga teacher training.
The city of Rishikesh has a different aura that keeps you connected to positivity and yoga vibes. The place is known as the best to attain a good balance between your mind and soul. Become a yoga instructor with the programs and courses offered by us. Even if you are not able to visit Rishikesh, our yoga alliance online teacher training helps you in fulfilling your dream of attaining yoga certification and starting your journey as a yoga teacher.
Ishavasyam makes it more valuable by raising the teaching standards with the help of our highly qualified and trained teachers.
The courses cover all like Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Iyenger, Philosophy, Kundalini, Pranayama, Traditional Literatures and not only this you will also get classes related with Ayurveda, Yoga Therapy as add-ons, to enhance the quality of our teachings so our students don't lack behind in any scenario.

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Yoga Alliance Accreditation | Yoga Teacher Training India

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Online Yoga Courses & Individual Counselling

New Challenge Comes Up With New Solution

The year 2020 comes up with lots of challenges, and the greatest among them is to manage your way of learning while dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic. We can't stop learning due to this, so it is necessary to find some way to cope up with this problem. The best solution we come up with is online classes for yoga and online yoga courses. Simply means, you can connect with us through online mode and start your yoga practice or yoga certificate course, taught under the guidance of our professional yoga-gurus.

At Ishavasyam Yoga School, we conduct 200-hour yoga teacher training online, yoga alliance online teacher training, Online Kundalini Yoga TTC, Yoga Therapy Classes, and Individual Counselling Sessions. All the courses are scheduled at a given time and you can join it from your home and complete the courses.


Yoga Teacher Training & Retreats
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Kundalini Course

Traditional Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training India

Why Ishavasyam Yoga School ?

Our Dharma Is To Deliver The True Knowledge!

Learning yoga has been one of the most admired hobbies for individuals who would like a healthy body and a clear mind. For those, who would like to go a step ahead and make a career in yoga, teacher training is quite helpful.
A Yoga Teacher Training Course is the best way to start your real journey towards yoga as a Hobby or if you want t start a career as a Yoga Teacher. Most people understand that to do YTTC you need experience in Yoga, but Ishavasyam Yoga School & Adiyogpeeth offers a complete package starting from the very beginning to the advance level.

Ishavasyam Yoga School & Adiyogpeeth works together to deliver you the best experience with Quality education.

You can join us as a beginner or as a complete advanced practitioner you can join the courses like, 100 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Program, 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Program. After successful completion of the yoga teacher training courses, you can become a certified yoga trainer and can start your own Yoga Classes or Yoga Studio.
Ishavasayam Yoga School is a Yoga Ashram which helps you to provide a disciplined lifestyle during the courses, we ensure that the best guidance and teaching is imparted to you to help you learn the principle in the most illustrious manner.

We understand the necessity of this course and so we offer it in online mode too, apart from offline mode. We provide you with the best online yoga classes of 100 & 200 Hours which will open your way to the glorious world of yoga.
We believe that teaching is the natural evolution and so with all the tools and sacred principles of yoga, this course works as an immersion in the yoga lifestyle. The spirituality of the course opens the doors of self-transformation and self-empowerment.

Tools You Will Learn With Us!

Tools and Methods to Engineer Yourself for Inner Exploration.

Life Management:

To understand life and manage its complexity is a easy task but we make it difficult, because our consicousness is lost, which makes our life dull. Life management Skills form great yogis will make you the owner of your life.

The Great Yogis:

Understanding the lifes of great yogis helps us to grow and helps to provide a path to follow in our life to grow with prosperity and happiness.

Hatha Yoga:

It is an old system that includes the practice of asanas & pranayama, which helps bring peace to the mind &e body for deeper spiritual practices such as meditation.


"Pranayama is control of Breath". "Prana" is the Breath or vital energy in the body. Pranayama is a very important tool of Yoga that helps to bring purification to Nadis.

Kriya Yoga:

Kriya Yoga is a Traditional, psycho-physiological method by which the human blood is decarbonized and recharged with oxygen. Kriya Yoga is a very popular and very effective way to awakening.

Yoga Anatomy:

Modern science focuses on the physical dimensions. Yoga Anatomy provides a holistic approach towards the Modern and Yogic approach of anatomy.

Yoga Philosophy:

Philosophy is the major tool, which help you to understand what real yoga means. The Modern era is completely forgotten the real meaning of yoga. Yoga Philosophy helps to inculcate the real meaning of Yoga.


Meditation (Dhyana) helps us to dive deep into our inner self so we can explore the hidden dimensions. We can learn how to transform our minds from negative to positive, from disturbed to peaceful, from unhappy to happy.

Sacred Mantras:

Ever bumble through chants in class? You will learn the sacred mantras and how these mantras help to enhance the effect of the yogic practices.

Ashtanga Vinyasa:

The traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa style helps to purify the body and brings a state of peace and stability on both, body & mind.

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Keep your all doubts sorted.

What are the course duration?

The courses have different-different durations. Holistic and Kundalini courses are of 11 and 21 days. Retreats are of 5,7 and 10 days.
*YTTC days don't include Sundays.

Do i need any Pre-requirements to join the course?

No, not at all. All courses are designed to cover from the very basics to the advanced level.

What is included in the fees?

All the courses are fully residential. You have to stay in the school or ashram during the course duration. Course fee includes certification, stay and food.

How Many students in one Course?

To maintain the quality of the knowledge and the time serve to each student, the maximum no. of students per course is 10.

The Blessings Of the Divine Guru

If we change ourselves with good thought & actions, we can change the world to be a better place.

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