Kundalini Course

Explore the dormant energy within you, learn the traditional tantra concepts of hatha & kundalini.

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Ayurveda Course

Explore the science of living a healthy and long life, Ayurveda is the ancient science of understanding the body types.

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Multi Style Yoga Course

Multi Style Yoga Teacher Training program works as a basic introduction to the world of yoga and meditation.

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About Ishavasyam Yoga School

Learning yoga has been one of the most admired hobbies for individuals who would like a healthy body and a clear mind. For those, who would like to go a step ahead and make a career in yoga, teacher training is quite helpful. A Yoga Teacher Training Course is the best way to start your real journey towards yoga as a Hobby or if you want t start a career as a Yoga Teacher. Most people understand that to do YTTC you need experience in Yoga, but Ishavasyam Yoga School offers a complete package starting from the very beginning to the advance level.

We understand the necessity of this course and so we offer it in online mode too, apart from offline mode. We provide you with the best online yoga classes of 100 & 200 Hours which will open your way to the glorious world of yoga. We believe that teaching is the natural evolution and so with all the tools and sacred principles of yoga, this course works as an immersion in the yoga lifestyle. The spirituality of the course opens the doors of self-transformation and self-empowerment.

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