Our Teachers

Kushagra Ji

Pranayama & Philosophy / Lead Teacher
Ph.D Scholar / B.Sc & Masters (Human Consicousness & Yogic Science) / ERYT 500 / DNYS / CFT / YACEP.
Dev Sanskriti University

Yoga has been a part of his life since his childhood getting the blessings from his grandparents and his guru.Having 7+ years of teaching experience in Nath Yog Tradition focusing on Hath Yog, Kundalini, Pranayama and Yog Therapy covering the traditional and modern dimensions of the yogic science and the philosophy behind it. His devotion has always been towards knowledge and to understand the most complicated system in the entire universe that is our Human Body.

Monika Ji

Pranayama & Meditation / Lead Teacher

Monika Ji began practicing yoga in 2015. Discovering her natural aptitude, she quickly progressed to becoming a yoga pranayama and meditation teacher. She has training in traditional Hatha yoga and pranayama. She has M.A. in yogic science from Uttarakhand Sanskrit University in Haridwar. She also holds an E-RYT 500-hour, YACEP & RPYT registered yoga teacher certificate from Yoga Alliance USA. Although her pranayama skills have earned her recognition, Monika's teaching includes mindfulness and the intention to form a complete practice.

Kannan Ji

Ayurveda & Meditation

Seeking the self has put him in places to learn alternative medical systems like homeopathy ,acupuncture,marma therapy and (naturopathy as passion).Rooted from South Indian tradition , Have had a 8 years of journey in practicing and teaching Ayurveda Varma/Marma Therapy gathered from traditional practitioners of Tamil Nadu & Kerala.Classes on Anatomy and Physiology is approached in such a way that, it combines modern anatomy with yogic and ayurvedic principles to explore the inexpensive, independent health and a joyous life .He is also a practitioner of Classical Martial Arts "Kalaripayattu" which is very ancient and dynamic form of yoga which is famous in Kerala and south india.It's an immense responsibility and gift to be able to share what he found to those who seek a celebrating life and death.

Pradeep Ji

Hatha Asana

Experienced and passionate 500-hour certified Yoga Instructor with over six years of teaching beginner, experienced, and advanced training in Ashtanga, Hatha, Yin, and Vinyasa approaches. Sincere and positive, with an innate ability to connect with others, he is committed to providing extensive instruction and counseling to his students, while motivating them to find true inner peace and mental well-being. Adapt at creating powerful teaching plans that aim to support and benefit each and every student.

Aishwarya Ji

Dietitian & Ashtanga Vinyasa

Started from being XXII National Yoga Meet participant in 2011, Aishwarya had a keen interest in learning and exploring Yoga. She continued yoga after achieving Master's degree in Food and Nutrition. She is certified with 500 hours of yoga teacher training program, then completed PG diploma and M.A. in Yogic Science. Aishwarya had an experience of working as a Nutritionist in hospital for 3 months and 1 year working experience as a Yoga Trainer. She has expertise in Pranayam, Meditation, Astanga and Vinyasa classes. Along with Yoga, she is a nutritional counsellor also. With the help of her Yoga-Nutrition dual knowledge and experience, she is looking forward to enlighten more and more people and create a positive environment as far as possible.

Shubham Ji

Hatha Asana

Shubham began practicing yoga in 2019. Discovering his natural aptitude, he quickly progressed to become a yoga asana teacher. He has training in Traditional Hatha Yog. He has completed B.A. in yogic science from Uttarakhand University in Haridwar. He also has learned and practiced under the guidance of many renowned yoga gurus in Rishikesh. Although his asana skills have earned him recognition, Shubham's teaching includes mindfulness and the intention to form a complete practice. He incorporates mantras, meditation, and relaxation into his classes to create the balance required for maximum growth.

Jay Ji

Ashtanga Vinyasa & Alignment

Jay is passionate about sharing yoga here at Hare Rama Institute. Jay spent his adolescence in an ashram where he was immersed in a yogic lifestyle from a young age. Whether he knew it or not, soon he would devote his life to sharing the science of yog. He teaches multiple styles of yoga, from pranayama classes, to classes tailored for beginners, to Ashtanga and Hatha. He has an in depth understanding of human anatomy and body mechanics, and loves to build energy in his asana. Jay offers some of the best verbal cues and alignment adjustments around, and has hundreds of returning students who respect his experience and dedication.

Ganesh Ji

Hatha & Yin Asana

Born and bought up in the World's Yoga Capital Rishikesh, Ganesh started his yoga journey in 2013, he completed his graduation degree in science in Rishikesh and completed a Master's degree in yogic science from Uttarakhand Sanskrit University Haridwar. He has completed his 200 and 300-hour yoga teacher training program with a reputable institute, and he is an experienced and registered yoga teacher with yoga alliance USA. He also started learning and practicing yoga under some of the most influential and well-known yoga teachers of Rishikesh. Under the guidance and blessings of his Guru Ravi Ji, he gains proficiency in Yoga teaching for 5 years. His area of expertise is in hatha yoga, alignment, and adjustment.