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200 Hours Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training

Course Duration: 24 Days.

  • 4.50
In ancient Indian Yogic Texts, Kundalini is described as the immeasurable power center present in the human bodies. The modern science has also given importance to these power centers which holds the key to human existence. This 200 Hours Traditional Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Course covers all the concepts from the Tantra & will be the best option for you. Ishavasyam Yoga School is one the few schools which focuses on the authentic & quality education and give you the life changing experience.

The placement of chakras (Spirals) inside the human body offers power for creation, preservation and destruction. There are nice different chakras and each one has its specific importance for the three most powerful functions of existence. As per the ancient scriptures, awakening Kundalini is one of the toughest practices for any practitioner (Sadhak). But for those who have awakened it, have enjoyed the divine bliss with the right kind of channelization of the energy.

Course Details

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Shared $1099 $100 USD
Private $1299 $100 USD
Couples $1998 $100 USD
Daily Schedule
Coures Schedule Time
Wake Up 5:00 AM
Hatha Asana6:00 AM
Pranayama 7:30 AM
Breakfast 9:15 AM
Yoga Philosophy 10:15 AM
Yoga Anatomy 11:15 AM
Self Study-----
Lunch 1:30 PM
Ashtanga 3:00 PM
Alignmet / TM 4:00 PM
Meditation 5:00 PM
Dinner 7:00 PM
Lights Off 9:30 PM