Online Yoga Therapy Classes.

$16.0 / Month
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Online Daily Yoga Practices

About Course:

Yoga Therapy is a kind of treatment that utilizes yogic tools and techniques to gain the holistic health. It is not only working on the physical aspect it works on the deeper instance of different levels of the life. It works on Body, Mind and Spirit.

  • Course:Online Yoga Therapy.
  • Duration: Monthly.
  • Requirement: Believe in Yourself
  • Fees (Group): $16.0 .
  • Fees (Personal): $20.0 .


The Holistic apporach of yogic tools and practices to gain holistic health.Not only this we will use the healing power of mother nature using the 5 elements for healing any disease.

Consultation as per disease.
Diet and Nutrition.
Pranyama (Heal Energy Body).
Asanas for diseases.
Affirmation Meditation.
Cleansing Methods.